All of Y'all Should Listen To This Shit (Because I Fucking Told You To) is the debut album by Minosaur. Mini from Minosaur described the album's genre as a mixture of death metal, screamo and dubstep, with the occasional bubblegum pop sound. She also said the lyrics are very personal to the people that wrote them, so she felt honoured screaming them out over a dubstep backing track.

Track ListingEdit

  • I'll Write This Later
  • Fuck You, I'm A Penguin
  • Everybody Wants An Ice Cream Cake (Too Bad They Can't Have Any)
  • And Now I Smell Like Men's Perfume
  • Checkerboard
  • Untitled
  • What The Hell Is This Music?
  • Illegally Downloading All My Songs
  • That Song From That Movie You Liked
  • All My Feels
  • Teenagers Love Taking Their Shirts Off

iTunes Bonus Edition

  • Checkerboard (DJ Crash Remix)
  • lol i r jaws
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