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1. Rawr Rawr Like A Dinosaur
2. Crazy Is A Ho (First single)
3. Checkers Is The Code
4. Out Of Control
5. Ciria Is Better
more to come


Crazy Is A HoEdit

She talkin' like she the queen
But she ain't that
Everyone wants to slap her--
Wants to hit her with a bat
She keeps editing this page 'cause she jelly
Couldn't get a record deal, honey?
You would embarrass yourself anyways
Get your spatula and your Mickey D's vest
You'll be flippin' burgers all the time
Or maybe you'll be on the street corner
Working for you dimes and quarters
'Cause let's be for real, you won't get much more
You'd prob do better working at the convenient storeee
Don't hate, don't hate, because I'm the best
M-m-m-m-much better than the rest
And you just a ho
Y-y-y-y-you just a ho
Crazy is a ho
Cr-cr-crazy is a ho

luv ya crazy


I put it on here and I better get comments once I post the lyrics okay.


CaptiolAlbums: omg it was awesome 5/5 stars!
MuchMusic: Ciria shocks us with awesome tracks and awesome lyrics.
Still Stone: one word: AMAZING
The New Hampshire Times: 10/10 bc original and sexy
Entertainment Hourly: What can I say? It had me hooked from the get-go!


If you want me to write a song for you I can do it because I need at least 12 tracks okay.


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