Allison rapekissing her bf.

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Ready the canons.

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Together 5ever

Fudgecakey is phuqing canon and bootiful and the most bootiful ship in the world. They are madly in love.


  • Allison wants to play checkers with him*
  • Allison ripped his shirt off and was like oh lol you look cute*
  • They are getting married*
  • They have bootiful babies on the way.*
  • They are meant to fucking be.
  • She wrote him anon love letters and is gonna do it again this year.
  • Allison took his checkerpieces and he took hers.* ;)
  • Allison's favourite TV show is the only show he watches. OBVS.
  • They have a lot of chemistry together. They're both chemists, Fudge being the more senior chemist, so it works either way.
  • Allison said she could wait forever for Fudge.

"*" indicates that the information may not be entirely accurate.

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