April 2016Edit

  • 2: Barfield Skating Rink has a glow-in-the-dark event. 
  • 8-9: Specks has a white party event. Everyone wears white. Yay fun. 
  • 16-17: Barfield Farmer's Market (held 3rd weekend of every month)
  • 24-30: Barfield's Annual Art Festival
  • Platinum Club does a thing
  • Maybe a school fieldtrip that's just one weekend??? Like a camping trip or smthn
  • 22: maybe a movie in the park or smthn. Idk what movies they'd show.

May 2016Edit

  • 14: BHS & HGS Prom
  • 21: MBHS Prom
  • 26-29: Barfield's Annual Art Festival 

June 2016Edit

  • 4: Movie in the Park
  • 11: Graduation for High Schoolers (we'll just make them all the same day so we don't gotta split it up)
  • 12-18: Promoted AU Week (what au??? idk)
  • and like 2 more things for the last 2 weeks
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