my birthday is february 11. i'm gonna be older.

Smash that plate u sexy joseph gordon levitt

anyways im still breathing and still alive. im better now. if youre checking here still you should get to know this. so hi. i watched hotel translyvania yesteryday and it's such a good movie. i loved it. dracula was my fav. speaking of dracula, i'm reading dracula. well, not right now. right now i'm writing this and watching teen titans. i feel as if i should be control freak... or raven. either one. i love roy harper. he's so perf. and angsty and depressed in season two of yj. poor bby. i can relate to him on an emotional level. well, not really bc he's angsty and depressed because he found out he was a clone of the real roy harper and his whole life has been a lie and he betrayed everyone and he just hates his life and everything. 

here's a cute gif of kid batman sulking.

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