Name FC Created Ethnicity Sexuality Status Comments
Violet Harper Phoebe Tonkin December 21, 2012 White Heteroseuxal probs who knows Deleted lmao i actually wrote sentences for her personality omg swagger
Jim Harris William Moseley December 26, 2012 White idk Deleted lmao i based him off that character from treasure planet i am the trash
Lian Harper Karen Gillan February 17, 2013 White Bisexual Inactive she became so much more than those few personality traits
Tucker Kent Colin Morgan February 17, 2013 White Heterosexual Inactive my precious loser stupid baby cakes
Dillon Hopkins Leon Thomas III February 26, 2013 Black Heterosexual bc he was a jock who flirted with chicks Inactive the teenagery lifestyle
Rosalynn Fett Alexandra Shipp March 7, 2013 Black / White Bisexual Deleted ima probs make her page active again bc i liked her. also it is canon she is bi bc my note "don't be surprised if she flirts with your character - male or female - because she flirts with lots of people and finds lots of people to be attractive." canon bisexual biracial woman
Alex Norwood Misha Collins March 8, 2013 White Heterosexual Deleted the supernatural phase :/
Cecilia Carter Jenna Coleman March 13, 2013 White Heterosexual probs Inactive hai cc
Taylor Rhodes Rachel Miner March 15, 2013 White Heterosexual probs Deleted i'm just glad i clicked this thread bc i was like who dat
Xavier Wolfe Francois Arnaud March 21, 2013 White Heterosexual but probs did gay sex at least once Deleted the first drug dealer, probs
Oliver le Fay George Blagden May 11, 2013 White Hetero probs Deleted what a fuckin nerd
Mina Wootin Kacey Rohl May 14, 2013 White Hetero probs Deleted had a dead twin sister; ultime ship with ben monroe
Lamar Roth Suraj Sharma May 27, 2013 Indian idk Inactive my precious cinnamon roll
Damian Shrader Jake T Austin July 29, 2013 Puerto Rican / Dominican / White Hetero probs Deleted the first puerto rican damian. i also wrote paragraphs for his personality gj. also lmao his history is so similar to damian mendez omfg
Dylan West Jane Levy August 3, 2013 White Heterosexual Inactive that awk moment when u make a char and then u watch the fc's tv show and ur char and the tv char are like v similar
Jensen West Jake Abel August 4, 2013 White Heterosexual Deleted i always imagined his fiancee with fc of brenda song
Nadia Rey Phoebe Tonkin August 4, 2013 White Bicurious Inactive and the queen hath arrived
Rory Kendrick Burkely Duffield August 19, 2013 White Hetero probs Deleted the most important zombie ever
Saoirse O'Doyle Katie McGrath September 15, 2013 White Hetero probs Deleted remember that time only i cared about a selfship lmao
Emilia Holt Annasophia Robb November 24, 2013 White Heterosexual Inactive originally her fc was chloe grace moretz
Brendan Floyd Aidan Turner January 1, 2014 White Heterosexual Deleted i forgot he existed but now i remember that ship with corey
Grant Burnham Avan Jogia January 10, 2014 Indian/White Heterosexual Inactive remember that time cc started an rp where her char at bhs was at school with his char who went to mbhs lol
Caitria Dufort Tasie Lawrence February 7, 2014 Guyanese (Indian) / White Lesbian Deleted hahahahahaha she was chill
Philip Armitage Colin Ford February 13, 2014 White Heterosexual Deleted the other half to philisa <333
Felicity Armitage Georgie Henley February 13, 2014 White Hetero probs Deleted yeah so 
Adrian Capaldi Max Irons February 15, 2014 White Heterosexual Inactive he was made as a love interest for reece (da tru otp!!!1!!!1!!111!) but ended up with that ho juliette instead???
Jaime Cabrera Diego Boneta February 22, 2014 Mexican Heterosexual (maybe bicurious tho who knows) Inactive when cc thought he was supposed to be smart and i thought i ruined everything. and mini thought his name was like "game" but with a j. like what the fuck mini
Amelia Ford Kacey Rohl March 2, 2014 White Asexual probs Deleted lmao first char i wrote history for and as soon as i made her page i deleted it lmao
Brooke Vincent Kelsey Chow April 14, 2014 Chinese / Cherokee / White Bisexual Active remember how her page was first to be in 3rd person ahh the memories
Karina Medina Selena Gomez May 4, 2014 Mexican / White Bisexual Deleted she who shall not be named
Lenore Bryant Sophie Turner May 17, 2014 White Lesbian Inactive ahhhhhahahaha; recreated on January 18, 2015
Adara Hawthorne Aubrey Plaza June 3, 2014 Puerto Rican / White Heterosexual Inactive baaaeee
Mingan Oka Booboo Stewart June 4, 2014 Blackfoot / Chinese Demisexual, heteromantic Inactive bai bai
Rosemarie Sparrow Caitlin Stasey June 16, 2014 White Pansexual Inactive sparrowan was better at hollingsworth but also supER AWESOME ON LUMBLR TOO
Nicolas Santiago  Blake Michael July 6, 2014 Hispanic / White Hetero probs Deleted lmao lebeaux misfits? more like lebeaux whiny rich kids
Trace Joel Tommy Knight July 7, 2014 White im pre sure i headcanoned him as gay Deleted more lebeaux whiny rich kids
Sofia Reyes Hailee Steinfeld July 20, 2014 Black / Filipina / White Heterosexual Inactive bros before hoes
Danny Vespa Luke Pasqualino August 4, 2014 White Bisexual Active remember that time mini cast luke pasqualino as a middle eastern guy
Chad Vasquez Sean Teale August 19, 2014 Venezuelan / White Asexual / Gayromantic Inactive i never saw his form but im too lazy to figure out the date he was actually created. this is his page creation instead
Rory Bales Lee Pace September 19, 2014 White Demisexual Inactive some weird tall guy tbh
Tia Singh Hannah Simone September 21, 2014 Indian / White Heterosexual Inactive she got pregnant bc sperm bank
Alexia Dawson Minka Kelly October 11, 2014 White Heterosexual Inactive ROB IS APRIL'S FATHER
Ruby Kong Lucy Liu November 2, 2014 Chinese Heterosexual Inactive when i tried to plot for gan
Jimena Cabrera Cierra Ramirez November 14, 2014 Mexican Lesbian Inactive gaY GAY GAY
Hayden Archer Trevor Jackson November 26, 2015 Black Bisexual Active he was originally named lance so i was like where the fuck is hayden's form. i forgot he wasnt always hayden.
Camilla Garcia Nicole Anderson November 30, 2014 Filipina / White Bisexual Inactive my lil pothead
Tanner del Rosario Bob Morley December 11, 2014 Filipino / White Heterosexual Inactive wat
Eric Abbey Sam Claflin December 14, 2014 White Heterosexual Deleted did this actually happen or
Damian Mendez David Lambert December 21, 2014 Puerto Rican / White Pansexual Inactive my sinnamon roll
Saul Vega Santiago Cabrera January 28, 2015 Chilean Heterosexual Deleted (bc tanni but watev) idk i liked him and everything but i guess somethings just weren't meant to be :/
Dianne Middleton Emilia Clarke February 4, 2015 White Bisexual Active my precious baby conquering the world and constantly being drunk lmao
Paloma Sanchez Becky G February 27, 2015 Mexican Bisexual Active hbic
Tate Maly Jussie Smollett March 9, 2015 Black Gay Deleted that feel when ur excite for a char but it just doesnt work
Kayla Song Bae Suzy March 15, 2015 Korean Heterosexual Inactive what are self ship plots
Jean Pandev Natasha Negovanlis April 6, 2015 Metis / White Pansexual Inactive that feel when ppl use wrong pronouns for them and ur like wtf why bitch
Paige Siobhan Troian Bellisario May 11, 2015 White / Black Heterosexual Inactive originally made by keve on February 22, 2014 with the fc of kathryn prescott, but i adopted her
Trevor Banks Bryshere Gray June 28, 2015 Black Gay Inactive accidental gay sex
Maeve Kilduf Lindsey Morgan July 5, 2015 Mexican / White Bisexual, preference for women Inactive I WORK OUT
Brian Stephens Ben Barnes July 14, 2015 White Heterosexual Inactive remember that plot that never happened??? yeah me too
Elena Boyle Roselyn Sanchez July 26, 2015 Puerto Rican Heterosexual Inactive momma drug dealer
Shelley Forsyth Ashley Benson August 6, 2015 White Heterosexual (altho maybe bicurious) Inactive affaiRS AFFARIS AIFIARAiss afFAIRS
Moon Hye Bae Doona August 8, 2015 Korean Heterosexual Inactive drug dealin asshole queen
Graham Montgomery Max Thieriot November 1, 2015 White Demisexual panromantic Active idk i got like so many plots for him but nothing ever happens and im like :(
Olivia Warner Leighton Meester November 24, 2015 White Idk probs bi or smthn Inactive lmao that plot that never happened
Carmen Arroyo Victoria Justice December 31, 2015 Puerto Rican / White Asexual biromantic Active my sweet lil child goodbye earthlings
Violet Baptiste-Grenier Lenora Crichlow January 23, 2016 Black / White Pansexual Active i have this huge awesome plot idea for her but it's gonna take like an entire year to do woops
Omar Samir Rami Malek January 25, 2016 Egyptian Arab Pansexual Active okay so basically
Margot Snyder Daisy Ridley February 6, 2016 White Lesbian Active okay i love her she's my precious lil cinnamon roll shes too good for this world omg
Cameron Bennet Jacob Artist February 20, 2016 Black / White TBD Active okay he's a fuckin troll tbh he just trolls everyone
Zahi Riad-Babineaux Xavier Dolan March 22, 2016 Egyptian Arab / White Gay Active so basically he's a fucCKIN nerd bye
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