The Phantom is a musical singer who recently got her first record deal. Her first album will be "Catastrophe" and already big time music companies are praising it. The cover art is gorgeous and the album name is epic.


The Phantom is a 15 year old girl named Liz/Kaitlynn who is a brand new singer. She chose the name The Phantom because of this game that deals with Wikipedia and her random article was The Phantom so that's her name.

The Phantom started back in 2010 when Liz first decided she wanted to sing. She started writing songs and singing them and stuff. Finally, in 2011, a record company - The Fantastical Musical Company - signed her on to their label and gave her a record deal. She quickly became excited and started working on her first album.

The Phantom's first album will be released on August 24, 2012. Already people have preordered it and stuff. The Phantom's first single is currently unknown but rumor has it that it's a sad love story. Everyone is super excited and stuff.


Album Release Date Rating
Catastrophe August 23, 2012 5/5
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