my sweg to do list

Happy New Year! (Jan 1 - Jan 9)Edit

this is just gonna be a tiny list that'll be for this time only

  • Create Violet Grenier
  • Write Olivian rp
  • Update Danny Vespa's page
  • Update Damian Mendez's page
  • Adrian rp needs to geT DONE OR STARTED OR SOMETHING OKAY
  • Plot with the hoes about the Lola/Todd/Serena/Vina plot idea
  • Update Paloma Sanchez's page

Lumblr Admin ShitEdit

  • Update locations and actually finish doing the templates jfc u dumbass

Lumblr Character ShitEdit

  • Update Adrian Capaldi's history
  • Update Brooke Vincent's history
    • December 13, 2015 - Dakota Lee Vincent is born yay
    • Write rp for baby born
  • Update Danny Vespa's history
  • Update Rory Bales's history
  • Update Alexia Dawson's history
  • Update Jimena Cabrera's history
  • Make Hayden Archer and Ethan Davidson make out 2k15
  • Make Hayden Archer and Christina Ventura make out 2k15
  • Update Damian Mendez's history
  • Update Dianne Middleton's history
  • Update Paloma Sanchez's history
  • Try to plot Jean Pandev. I love them like so much but they need plots. Keep getting them to bother random people.
  • Write Adrian self-rp idea thing. Maybe. Who knows?
    • Originally this was gonna be some lame Thanksgiving thing but make it Christmas now
  • Mom Squad 2k16
    • Alexia Dawson
    • Elle Nash
    • Beg people to make moms so Mom Squad 2k16
  • Lola cheating plot pls & thank
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